Why You Need To Be A Bitch, Tabatha Coffey (EN)

Tabath Coffey2

(Article en français ici)

« I am the very best bitch I can be! »

Tabatha Coffey is a professional hairdresser who participated in a TV competition and had her own show on U.S. TV for a while (Tabatha’s Salon takeover), a concept which has rapidly failed in France.

To put it simply, Tabatha is the Gordon Ramsay of hair salons. She shows up with her entire army of hair specialists, business experts and TV lads, turns your nearly bankrupted company over with panache, and get you back on your feet.

A consequence of her TV appearances: Tabatha was called a « Bitch » whenever she was out.

A consequence of being insulted: Tabatha started to take it the wrong way. Even if this is a wide-spread « nickname » in the U.S.. She also realized this was the way she was described on the Web.

So, she started thinking about a few things…

(Exceptionally, I will develop a few of her points here as there seems to be no subtitle available in any other language than English. If you do understand oral English quite well, please do watch the video).

1) the normalization of the term « Bitch », which should not really happen considering the basic meaning of the word.

2) the qualities women have which « justifies »/ »motivates » the use of the term in question: confidence, passion, strength, will power, etc. Qualities which are designated with positive words for men: « winner », responsible », « go-getter ». Why is that? Because there is no equivalent term to « Bitch » for men. I’ll let you think about this a few seconds…

3) the fact that this term is not used as nicely as we pretend it is. Most of the time, women use it to talk about one another, but they do so to tear each other down, make other women doubt, tell a woman she needs to stop and stay in her place. And Tabatha would know about this phenomenon: she has been a hairdresser for 36 years! We need to stop this. We do not need this, on top of everything else: husband/wife, children, work, beauty ideals, etc.

4) what « Bitch » should really mean:

B : Brave – Even if it is just to wake up and face the day.

Intelligent – No need to be Einstein. Intelligence is many things: intuition, compassion, kindness…

T : Tenacious : You fight for what you want, and you find a way to get it.

C : Creative – You fight for what you want, and you find a… creative… way to get what you want 😉

H : Honest – Instead of saying « That bitch! », maybe we should try honesty and say « I like her style/shoes/confidence! How can I get me a piece of this cake? ».

So next time you are called a bitch, be proud and say: « You’re damn right, I am and I try to be the best bitch I can be every day! ».



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